201: Liberty Lubricants, Navy Arms, and Shaw Armament Systems

2023-06-22  /  GunStuff LIVE

Jim Ryan from Liberty Lubricants talks about their oils and solvents, as well as their anti-corrosion barrel protector the BoreCorr.

Val Forgett of Navy Arms discusses one of their original antiques for sale, the Mauser 71/84 rifles, which were used in the movie The Last Samurai.

Joe Jones with Shaw Armament Systems talks about their suppressors, including their integrally suppressed upper.

Featured Firearm: Walther PDP Compact Pro SD

Guests : Liberty Lubricants, Navy Arms, Shaw Armament Systems

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109: Charter Arms – Revolvers

2021-09-30  /  GunStuff LIVE

Nick Ecker, President of Charter Arms, talks about three of their revolvers: The Boxer and two colored variants of their .38 Special Undercover Lite, the Pink Lady and the Lavender Lady. We review news about FBI data on murders. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Guest: Charter Arms

143: Sentry Products Group – 1082 Micro MOLLE Mount

2022-08-11  /  GunStuff LIVE

Terry Naughton with Sentry Products Group discusses the utility of their 1082 Micro MOLLE Mount and their Hexmag magazines, as well as other products. Christopher Swainhart, Ursula Willams and Scott Kiefner host.

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Featured Firearm: Ruger Mark IV

Guest: Sentry Products Group

146: Overwatch Precision & Walther

2022-09-01  /  GunStuff LIVE

AJ Whisler from Overwatch Precision and Chris Long from Walther talk about Overwatch's triggers for Walther guns, as well as magwells, magazines, and other products. Christopher Swainhart, Ursula Williams and Scott Kiefner host.

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Featured Firearm: Walther PDP

Guest: Overwatch Precision

181: Eberlestock and Faxon Firearms

2023-03-07  /  GunStuff LIVE

Greg Williams of Eberlestock talks about their line of gear and packs.

Dustin Wallace from Faxon Firearms discusses some of their firearms and parts, like their new bolt-action and arc barrels.

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Featured Firearm: Taurus 605 Poly Protector

Guests: Eberlestock, Faxon Firearms

99: Charter Arms – Revolvers

2021-07-22  /  GunStuff LIVE

Nick Ecker, President of Charter Arms, discussed some of their revolvers: The Bulldog, the Undercover, and the Undercover Lite. Christopher Swainhart and special guest Nick Saiti host.

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Guest: Charter Arms

31: Barnaul Ammo and Inland Carbines

2019-12-19  /  GunStuff LIVE

Dave Kiwacka and Kara Boesenberg from MKS Supply join hosts Chris Swainhart and Scott Kiefner to talk about the variety of ammo from Barnaul Ammunition. We also discuss two of Inland Manufacturing's Carbines - the M1 1945 Model and the more modern looking M30-C Model.

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Guest: MKS Supply

Special Edition: Thomas Massie on the Constitution

2020-06-12  /  GunStuff LIVE

Thomas Massie was back on GunStuff TV talking about the US Constitution and recent events that undermine it. We talk government overreach and finish with the 2nd Amendment.

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Guest: Thomas Massie

28: Self Safety with Style

2019-11-21  /  GunStuff LIVE

Phil Ventrello and Michele Vorberger, founders of MUNIO Self Defense, discuss with hosts Chris Swainhart and Scott Kiefner their self defense keychain. They also talk about their self defense workshops, offered to colleges, hospitals, and others, or their downloadable workshop available at home. These workshops are taught by certified MUNIO instructors, with backgrounds such as martial artists, law enforcement officers, and military officers.

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Guest: MUNIO Self Defense

195: EMP Shield, H. Gerstner & Sons, and Rugged Rare

2023-05-11  /  GunStuff LIVE

Andrew Bucchin of EMP Shield talks about their EMP protection for homes and vehicles.

Kim Brown and Bert Wilson from H. Gerstner & Sons show their toolboxes and cases.

Travis Ferguson (Cameleon Bags) and Natalie Strong (Elegant & Armed) with Rugged Rare discuss their products. Cameleon Bags offers conceal carry bags, while Elegant & Armed offers a camisole for women to reduce conceal carry printing.

Featured Firearm: S&W M&P M2.0

Guests: Chameleon Bags, Elegant & Armed, EMP Shield, H. Gerstner & Sons, Rugged Rare

199: Anderson Manufacturing, Flitz International, and Raul Mendez

2023-06-08  /  GunStuff LIVE

Kyle Wade from Anderson Manufacturing talks about their new AM-10 G2 series.

Ulrich Jentzsch of Flitz International discusses their line of polishes, waxes, cleaners, and sealings.

Raul Mendez recounts his story of using his 2nd Amendment rights to defend himself, his family, and his neighbors after a man opened fire at a Fourth of July party.

Featured Firearm: Traditions 1873 Rawhide Rancher

Guests: Anderson Manufacturing, Flitz International, Raul Mendez