215: Marine Raider Foundation, Lewis and Grant Auctions, and Viridian Weapon Technologies

2023-11-16  /  GunStuff LIVE

Jessica McAndrews from the Marine Raider Foundation talks about the history of the brave Marine Raiders and how the Foundation supports the Marine Raiders and their families.

Bill Lewis with Lewis and Grant Auctions shows a special item that passed through their hands, the first commercial Colt: a Colt First Model Ring Lever rifle, serial number 2.

Chris Spangler of Viridian Weapon Technologies discusses their new line of sights, lights and lasers.

Featured Firearm: Colt Python 357

Guests: Lewis and Grant Auctions, Marine Raider Foundation, Viridian Weapon Technologies

214: AbleChild, Raul Mendez, and Live Free Armory

2023-11-02  /  GunStuff LIVE

Sheila Matthews with AbleChild discusses the negative impact of psychiatric drugs and its relation to violent crime.

Raul Mendez visits again and talks about his first competition in the shooting sports.

Matt Ferland and Jon Nelson of Live Free Armory show their Apollo 11, an affordable and quality 2011 double-stack made in the USA.

Featured Firearm: SAR USA CM9ST

Guests: AbleChild, Live Free Armory, Raul Mendez

213: USA Clay Target League, Roth Performance, and Faxon

2023-10-19  /  GunStuff LIVE

John Nelson with USA Clay Target League talks about their leagues across US high schools and the enjoyment it brings.

Mark Roth of Roth Performance discusses their ergonomic shotgun products.

Robert Faxon and Dustin Wallace introduce two new Faxon products: the FX7, a bolt-action rifle, and their new line of Faxon Outdoors products.

Featured Firearm: S&W Model 10 Classic

Guests: Faxon Firearms, Roth Performance, USA Clay Target League

212: Rambam Health Care Campus, Fenix Ammunition, and VNSH

2023-10-12  /  GunStuff LIVE

Prof. Michael Halberthal of the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel talks about the facility, which, in times of crisis, staffs the largest underground hospital in the world.

Justin Nazaroff, CEO of Fenix Ammunition, discusses the quality control they put into their ammunition, which is sold exclusively to citizens.

Chance Smith from VNSH talks about their Shadow Gun Magnet, which can be mounted almost anywhere, holds most firearms, and even stores an extra magazine.

Featured Firearm: Glock 43X

Guests: Fenix Ammunition, Rambam Health Care Campus, VNSH

211: Streetwise Security Products, Cartridge Anneal, and Faith Protect

2023-10-05  /  GunStuff LIVE

Dale Delaney from Streetwise Security Products discusses their line of non-lethal self defense tools, including stun guns, batons, and pepper sprays.

Tom Wilson from Cartridge Anneal talks about the benefits of annealing brass. Their Anneal-Rite, a brass cartridge annealing machine, is designed to work fast and accurately.

Kym Zadrozny, founder of Faith Protect, talks about their mission to help educate and train women. One of their products is a cross-shaped police whistle.

Featured Firearm: SAR CM9

Guests: Cartridge Anneal, Faith Protect, Streetwise Security Products

210: Rhonita Vive, GoGun USA, and Medford Knives

2023-09-28  /  GunStuff LIVE

Adriana Jones tells the traumatic story of her sister Rhonita and 4 of Rhonita's children, who were brutally massacred in a Mexican cartel attack. Rhonita Vive was formed to help seek justice for victims of Mexican cartels.

Dr Chet Nierenberg from GoGun USA talks about their Gas Pedal. It allows for a strong opposable grip, keeping your trigger hand loose for precise trigger control.

Greg Medford, founder of Medford Knives, talks about the handmade craftsmanship that goes into their knives.

Featured Firearm: SAR P8L

Guests: GoGun USA, Medford Knives, Rhonita Vive

208: SRLEEA, VNSH, and Meta Tactical

2023-09-14  /  GunStuff LIVE

Bill Rogers with the SRLEEA talks about the non-profit organization and their upcoming show Small Town Cop.

Chance Smith from VNSH discusses their holster. Made of an extremely comfortable material, the VNSH holster requires no belt, can carry two extra magazines, works with almost all handguns, and allows carry in multiple ways.

Jon Quintao of Meta Tactical talks about their APEX Series Carbine Conversion Kit, which converts a pistol into a bullpup style rifle.

Featured Firearm: SIG MPX Copperhead

Guests: Meta Tactical, SRLEEA, VNSH

207: Daniel Banyai, Robinson Armament Co., and The Guardian Run

2023-08-17  /  GunStuff LIVE

Daniel Banyai, owner of the Slate Ridge gun range in Vermont, discusses the encroaching reach of the Government to shut him and his gun range down.

Alex Robinson of Robinson Armament Co. talks about their XCR Modular Weapon System.

We then talk with our very own Scott Kiefner about the Guardian Run Competition.

Featured Firearm: Ruger LCP 380

Guests: Daniel Banyai, Robinson Armament Co., The Guardian Run

206: Electronic Shooters Protection and Alchemy Custom Weaponry

2023-07-27  /  GunStuff LIVE

GunStuff Producer Michelle Spencer joins our hosts and shares some exciting news about a previous guest. Our team also weighs in on the news about Daniel Banyai and his shooting range.

Jack Homa from Electronic Shooters Protection discusses their custom fit electronic hearing protection.

Eli Duckworth with Alchemy Custom Weaponry talks about the 1911 and Alchemy's handmade craftsmanship of this iconic firearm.

Featured Firearm: Springfield Armory Defend Your Legacy Series XD

Guests: Alchemy Custom Weaponry, Electronic Shooters Protection

205: RTS Tactical, Nighthawk Custom, and Stern Defense

2023-07-20  /  GunStuff LIVE

Mendel Berns with RTS Tactical discusses their shields, carriers, and vests designed to support the brave and the fearless LEOs across America.

Landon Stone from Nighthawk Custom talks about their 1911s. Every gun is put together by a single gunsmith to ensure quality. He also talks about the Cosmi shotgun, a break action, semi-auto shotgun with an internal magazine in the stock.

Kristin Tuttle and Andrea Hoffman of Stern Defense talk about their RAB-ADs (Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter) and their MAG-ADs (Magazine Adapter).

Featured Firearm: SIG MPX Copperhead

Guests: Nighthawk Custom, RTS Tactical, Stern Defense