207: Daniel Banyai, Robinson Armament Co., and The Guardian Run

2023-08-17  /  GunStuff LIVE

Daniel Banyai, owner of the Slate Ridge gun range in Vermont, discusses the encroaching reach of the Government to shut him and his gun range down.

Alex Robinson of Robinson Armament Co. talks about their XCR Modular Weapon System.

We then talk with our very own Scott Kiefner about the Guardian Run Competition.

Featured Firearm: Ruger LCP 380

Guests: Daniel Banyai, Robinson Armament Co., The Guardian Run

206: Electronic Shooters Protection and Alchemy Custom Weaponry

2023-07-27  /  GunStuff LIVE

GunStuff Producer Michelle Spencer joins our hosts and shares some exciting news about a previous guest. Our team also weighs in on the news about Daniel Banyai and his shooting range.

Jack Homa from Electronic Shooters Protection discusses their custom fit electronic hearing protection.

Eli Duckworth with Alchemy Custom Weaponry talks about the 1911 and Alchemy's handmade craftsmanship of this iconic firearm.

Featured Firearm: Springfield Armory Defend Your Legacy Series XD

Guests: Alchemy Custom Weaponry, Electronic Shooters Protection

205: RTS Tactical, Nighthawk Custom, and Stern Defense

2023-07-20  /  GunStuff LIVE

Mendel Berns with RTS Tactical discusses their shields, carriers, and vests designed to support the brave and the fearless LEOs across America.

Landon Stone from Nighthawk Custom talks about their 1911s. Every gun is put together by a single gunsmith to ensure quality. He also talks about the Cosmi shotgun, a break action, semi-auto shotgun with an internal magazine in the stock.

Kristin Tuttle and Andrea Hoffman of Stern Defense talk about their RAB-ADs (Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter) and their MAG-ADs (Magazine Adapter).

Featured Firearm: SIG MPX Copperhead

Guests: Nighthawk Custom, RTS Tactical, Stern Defense

204: Sara Forgues, Matador Arms, and Viridian Weapon Technologies

2023-07-13  /  GunStuff LIVE

Sara Forgues, a Minnesota mother, explains her son Walker's situation and the ridiculous charges made against him. Rob Doar, a member of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, joins her.

David Borges from Matador Arms talks about their 9mm upper. It is self-contained, has a non-reciprocating charging handle, and is reversible for left-handed use.

Chris Spangler with Viridian Weapon Technologies discusses their RFX45 green dot sight. Its electronics are on top, which allows for easy battery access and also lowers the window.

Featured Firearm: Ruger Mark IV Hunter

Guests: Matador Arms, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, Sara Forgues, Viridian Weapon Technologies

203: Gideon Optics, Gatorz Eyewear, and AEGIX AIM

2023-07-06  /  GunStuff LIVE

Mike Branson from Gideon Optics talks about their pistol dots with different footprints.

Scott Melton of Gatorz Eyewear discusses their American made aluminum eye protection.

Chet Linton, CEO of AEGIX AIM, talks about their software designed to help coordinate efforts between law enforcement and schools (or other organizations) during emergency situations. It consolidates information and allows officers to see the building layout so that they can respond more quickly and accurately.

Featured Firearm: Ruger LCP 380

Guests: AEGIX AIM, Gatorz Eyewear, Gideon Optics

202: Action Trackchair, One-Shot Systems, and German Precision Optics

2023-06-29  /  GunStuff LIVE

Matt Bottelberghe from Action Trackchair discusses their off-road, all-terrain wheelchair.

Robert Gilmer of One-Shot Systems talks about dynamic pistol rest, which improves accuracy and stability.

Mike Jensen with German Precision Optics talks about their line of high quality optics at affordable prices.

Featured Firearm: Charter Arms Bulldog Boomer

Guests: Action Trackchair, German Precision Optics, One-Shot Systems

201: Liberty Lubricants, Navy Arms, and Shaw Armament Systems

2023-06-22  /  GunStuff LIVE

Jim Ryan from Liberty Lubricants talks about their oils and solvents, as well as their anti-corrosion barrel protector the BoreCorr.

Val Forgett of Navy Arms discusses one of their original antiques for sale, the Mauser 71/84 rifles, which were used in the movie The Last Samurai.

Joe Jones with Shaw Armament Systems talks about their suppressors, including their integrally suppressed upper.

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Featured Firearm: Walther PDP Compact Pro SD

Guests: Liberty Lubricants, Navy Arms, Shaw Armament Systems

200: DPM Systems Technologies, Faxon Firearms, and The Guardian Run

2023-06-15  /  GunStuff LIVE

Dimitrios Mantas from DPM Systems Technologies discusses their 3-spring recoil reduction system.

Dustin Wallace with Faxon Firearms talks about some of their new products, like the FX22 and the Ion Ultralight. He also talks about Faxon's upcoming outdoor line, Faxon Outdoors.

Jim Wallace of the Guardian Run talks about the competition and some of the charities they work with.

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Featured Firearm: Mossberg 590S Shockwave

Guests: DPM Systems Technologies, Faxon Firearms, The Guardian Run

199: Anderson Manufacturing, Flitz International, and Raul Mendez

2023-06-08  /  GunStuff LIVE

Kyle Wade from Anderson Manufacturing talks about their new AM-10 G2 series.

Ulrich Jentzsch of Flitz International discusses their line of polishes, waxes, cleaners, and sealings.

Raul Mendez recounts his story of using his 2nd Amendment rights to defend himself, his family, and his neighbors after a man opened fire at a Fourth of July party.

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Featured Firearm: Traditions 1873 Rawhide Rancher

Guests: Anderson Manufacturing, Flitz International, Raul Mendez

198: TactaLoad, HRT Tactical Gear, BioFire

2023-06-01  /  GunStuff LIVE

Michael Lavergne, a retired secret service agent and founder of TactaLoad, talks about their shotgun stock designed to store extra shells.

Chris Poindexter from HRT Tactical Gear discusses several of their products, including weapon lights and plate carriers, and their omnidirectional activator.

Kai Kloepfer and Bryan Rogers of BioFire show their biometric Smart Gun. With a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition, the Smart Gun stays locked to unwanted users, yet it is instantly accessible when needed.

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Featured Firearm: Walther PPK/s

Guests: BioFire, HRT Tactical Gear, TactaLoad