For Manufacturers

Wouldn’t you like some free publicity?¬†We invite your company to appear on GunStuff LIVE. You can come to Cincinnati or Skype in from your office. We broadcast LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope every Thursday at 2PM Eastern. There is no charge for this and we love to showcase shooting sports products in a fun and informative half-hour broadcast with hosts Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner. We encourage manufacturers close to Cincinnati to come in to our studio. Watch a recent show with Bob Faxon from Faxon Firearms by clicking the button above. We only allow one company appearance per show, so reserve your time slot today!

Five or six times a month GunStuff emails our nearly one million GunStuff email subscribers with special offers and announcements about new gun products. We can feature your product in our email blast. We love gun stuff and so do our subscribers. Whether a banner or a paragraph style with link to a image or video we have a format that will work for you. Contact us to learn more how email marketing can boost your business.

Discover what ADCO found out: giveaway contests work. Don’t take our word for it, watch Al DePaoli explain what it has done for ADCO. All people love free stuff and GunStuff fans are no exception. Whether you have a product that is inexpensive and you can give away something every week, or whether you have a product worth much more that you want to sponsor a month-long contest, giveaways build brand recognition as well as sales. With the GunStuff program you grow your list as you receive contact information for every contest registrant. Contact us today to learn more about GunStuff giveaway contests.

GunStuff reaches 150 million TV broadcast households through Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple TV and the Right Now TV Network. From free trade show interviews to longer-form documentaries, there is a package that can fit your budget. If you are heading to an upcoming tradeshow we can film your booth FREE. This is a great opportunity for you because GunStuff sells all kinds of guns and accessories online. In addition to appearing on our TV show you are helping us understand and sell your products. Reserve a FREE time slot at an upcoming tradeshow here.

Our mission is to broaden the shooting sports audience and serve as an antidote to the MSM war on guns. To do this we need your help. You have interesting content that our viewers want to learn about. Here is your chance to jump on board and get the word out about your products to our nearly one million subscribers. From FREE to a wide variety of options, we have something that will work for you.