202: Action Trackchair, One-Shot Systems, and German Precision Optics

2023-06-29  /  GunStuff LIVE

Matt Bottelberghe from Action Trackchair discusses their off-road, all-terrain wheelchair.

Robert Gilmer of One-Shot Systems talks about dynamic pistol rest, which improves accuracy and stability.

Mike Jensen with German Precision Optics talks about their line of high quality optics at affordable prices.

Featured Firearm: Charter Arms Bulldog Boomer

Guests : Action Trackchair, German Precision Optics, One-Shot Systems

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163: Historic Firearms and Self-Defense Ammo

2022-11-22  /  GunStuff LIVE

Val Forgett, President and CEO of Navy Arms, discusses historical firearms. Navy Arms specializes in replicas and original surplus arms, and also offers the ammunition for these older guns.

Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition, then joins and talks about their self-defense ammo. Its unique, lightweight design allows it to fly faster and hit harder.

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Featured Firearm: SIG MPX Copperhead (CO Compliant)

Guests: Liberty Ammunition, Navy Arms

92: Johnson Group Tactical

2021-06-03  /  GunStuff LIVE

Karin Johnson of Johnson Group Tactical discusses their self defense classes. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Guest: Johnson Group Tactical

36: Liberty Ammunition

2020-02-20  /  GunStuff LIVE

Nick Norton from Liberty Ammunition joins hosts Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner to talk about their line of ammo.

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Guest: Liberty Ammunition

103: Jim Warren – The Guardian Run

2021-08-19  /  GunStuff LIVE

Jim Warren talks with us about the Guardian Run Competition and announces the winners. Christopher Swainhart, Ursula Willams and Scott Kiefner host.

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Featured Firearm: SAR 109T

Featured Firearm: SAR ST9

Guests: Jim Warren, The Guardian Run

167: Sights and Safes

2022-12-08  /  GunStuff LIVE

Brian Hedeen from Viridian Weapon Technologies talks about their line of Laser Sights and Optics. They have a variety of mounting options, including the HS1 - a handstop with a pressure pad to activate the laser on the front - or the 4LUX variant with a flashlight.

Todd Pearson with The Headrest Safe Company discusses the namesake product. It is a car headrest with a biometric fingerprint reader with 8 to 10 inches of storage. It will fit almost any headrest with its universal mounting system.

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Featured Firearm: FN 509 LS Edge

Guests: The Headrest Safe Company, Viridian Weapon Technologies

104: Nick Saiti – Q4 SF & P226

2021-08-26  /  GunStuff LIVE

Nick Saiti, a USPSA Grand Master, talks with us about the ban on Russian ammo, the Walther Q4 Steel Frame and the Sig Legion P226. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Guest: Nick Saiti

149: Lee Armory – AK Rifles

2022-09-22  /  GunStuff LIVE

Mario Parada of Lee Armory joins hosts Christopher Swainhart, Ursula Williams and Scott Kiefner to talk about Lee Armory's line of precision rifles and their double window mag. We talk about the AK, its history, and the different calibers available.

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Featured Firearm: Charter Arms Undercover Lite - Chic Lady

Guest: Lee Armory

29: Advanced Weapons Technology

2019-12-05  /  GunStuff LIVE

Don Fraley, Master Gunsmith and Founder of Advanced Weapons Technology, joins Chris Swainhart and Scott Kiefner to discuss some of their handguns and rifles.

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Guest: Advanced Weapons Technology

174: Magwell Mounts and Zero Blind Spot

2023-02-07  /  GunStuff LIVE

Joe Eckstein and Cade Knueven from Magwell Mounts talk about their brass catcher for the AR - the Brass Goat. The Brass Goat comes with a hopper that holds up to 30 rounds, or it can be used without the hopper to deflect brass. No mounting required - it fits around the magazine securely and keeps the top rail free for attachments.

Dennis DeBobes of Zero Blind Spot discusses their OBS-1, a mounted light with 4 light sources. It fits around the barrel which eliminated barrel shadow on the target. The OBS-1 is easy to mount, secure and balanced, and will not snag. It runs for up to 8 hours and fully charges in the same time with a USB-C.

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Featured Firearm: Ruger SR1911

Guests: Magwell Mounts, Zero Blind Spot

53: Bowden Tactical and Swampfox Optics Giveaways

2020-07-09  /  GunStuff LIVE

Jim Wiggins from Bowden Tactical announces their giveaway of an American Flag Cerekote Handguard.

Mike Branson with Swampfox Optics announces their joined giveaway of a Freedom Ordnance FX9, bundled with a Swampfox Blade Optic, a Cloud Defense OWL Light, and a pack of Firebird Targets.

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Guests: Bowden Tactical, Cloud Defense, Firebird, Freedom Ordnance, Swampfox Optics