GunStuff TV is in over 150 Million Homes

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While our main show is fully produced and edited, our Thursday show streams LIVE. For the latest up-to-the-minute shooting sports news, new firearms and accessories, and guests from the industry, watch us every Thursday. Watch us and simply comment or share to win weekly giveaways. Each week we announce giveaways and winners from those who watched the previous week.

Roku Streams GunStuff to 29 Million Households

Search for GunStuff on Roku and add it to your lineup. You can also click this link if you are logged into your Roku account and and create a shortcut to our show to your home page lineup.

Roku is the affordable solution to Cable TV. With no subscription cost, all you need to have is an internet connection and a Roku device like this one, available from Amazon for a one time charge of only $29.88.

Amazon Streams to 100 Million Households

With Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon is the number 2 streaming provider, right behind Netflix. Amazon video plays on all mobile devices, TVs, and computers, as well as their 4K Fire and their entry level HD Fire Stick.

The 4K version is only $69.99 and their HD version is $39.99. The HD version still has Alexa Voice Remote and is a great product. GunStuff TV is delighted to be streaming on Amazon. 

You can also watch on Amazon Prime Video App, available from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.

Apple TV Streams to 21 Million Households

Apple TV is popular with folks in the Apple world. This year Apple announce they are moving big time into the streaming arena. You only need their device, and our channel is free. Just look for the GunStuff App, and install. There are no monthly fees for Apple TV. You simply purchase the device on Amazon or at the Apple Store and install the free GunStuff app on your device.

OTA Broadcasting

Lots of folks don’t realize that modern TVs come equipped with HD over-the-air (OTA) capabilities. Cord cutting is becoming very popular, to the dismay of cable companies. OTA watching is gaining popularity while traditional cable and satellite are losing ground, according to this article from TV Technology.

All you need is an antenna. For $10.19 Amazon sells a great antenna with a range of 35 miles. Hook that up to the antenna connection on the back of your TV and you can get all of your local channels in HD and a whole lot more than you may realize that is available. Best part? It is all FREE! If you are looking for free OTA coverage you can find GunStuff on the ever-growing RNTV Network:

Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 PM EDT

OTA BroadcastStateStationChannel
Idaho FallsIDKPIF15.5
KnoxvilleTNWEZK-LP & WJZC-LP68.9
Los AngelesCAK24LS-D & K25AD31.3
Pago PagoAmerican SamoaK11UU-D11.2
Salt Lake CityUTKPDR-LD19.2
Streaming ChannelsAvailable
Bonko TVUS Streaming
Mountain TelephoneUS Streaming
My TV to GoUS Streaming
NKTUS Streaming
RokuUS Streaming
SimulTVUS Streaming
Southern CommunicationsUS Streaming
Southern FibernetUS Streaming
TikiLIVEUS Streaming