PLEASE NOTE: We are running an estimated 1-2 weeks on some rifles. That being said, most items ship the same or next business day.

Why are your prices so low? Is this a scam?

Our prices are low because our software continually compares pricing and availability from the leading wholesale distributors in the country and passes the savings on to you. Some products ship out in minutes, some in hours, sometimes days, but you can be assured of getting the lowest price GunStuff™ can offer at the time you place your order.

I haven’t heard anything since I placed the order. What is going on?

Check your spam folder to make sure our emails haven’t been ending up there. Log into My Account and you can pull up your orders and see the order status.

When will my order ship?

When you checked out you had to agree to our Terms and Conditions. That’s where you find the answer to this question.

Why do I continue getting FFL reminder emails when I ordered from you in the past?

You may get an automated message within the first 24 hours saying we need a copy of your local gun dealer’s FFL (Federal Firearms License). Within 24 hours of placing your order our team locates previous paperwork and moves your order to fulfillment and the messages stop.

Our low prices are a result of shipping from multiple wholesale warehouses and shopping for the best price, which is often below cost. Competing warehouses may or may not have your FFL on file. In cases where a particular warehouse doesn’t have your FFL on file, we are required by the ATF to obtain your gun dealer’s FFL. Although we have staff dedicated to retrieving such paperwork from your dealer, your involvement greatly expedites the process. If you continue getting these reminder messages please have your gun dealer email their FFL along with your name and order number to FFL@GUNSTUFF.TV

Gun dealers are busy folks, and sometimes it takes a couple of days to get those licenses from them. Please be patient with our daily emails, and reach out to your gun dealer for help. Don’t blame your gun dealer or GunStuff™, blame the ATF for their archaic system.

Why don’t you respond to my emails?

First check your spam folder to make sure our emails haven’t been ending up there. You may find an email there informing you that we do not respond to emails and instruction you to log into My Account and you can open a ticket with your question.

What do your order statuses mean?

  • Processing: We received your order and are working on it.
  • Pending Payment: Your payment did not go through.
  • On hold: We are temporarily working on your order during order processing
  • FFL: We are waiting on FFL documentation from the gun store where you want it shipped.
  • Fulfillment: Your purchase is being picked and shipped by our robotic system. Cannot cancel or make changes in this status.
  • Firearm Awaiting Shipment: We have your FFL and the firearm will be shipped soon.
  • Awaiting Shipment: For non-firearms awaiting shipment.
  • Completed: Your order has shipped. Check your email (and spam folders) for tracking information.
  • Refunded: Your order has been refunded.
  • Flagged: This status reflects that we are working on some issue, normally tracking a shipment that went awry.

Can you notify me when a product becomes in stock?

Yes, simply join the waitlist for that item. Manage these settings in My-Account.

Are your guns new or used?

We only have new products for sale in factory cartons.

Can GunStuff ship to Canada?

No, we are not authorized to ship outside of the US.

My tracking number doesn’t work

UPS tracking numbers start with 1Z, if you don’t have a Z try checking Fedex or USPS.

My credit card won’t go through

For security we only ship to the billing address of your credit card. If you still have problems contact customer service at via at the My Account link at the top of each page on our site.

My product doesn’t work

Products under purchased on GUNSTUFF are warranted only by the manufacturer. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you purchased your product.

What guns are legal in my state?

For California, put “CA Compliant” into the search bar and you will get a partial list of CA Compliant weapons. Here is a link the to the official CA roster of handguns. Here is link to Massachusetts official roster.

Can you actually ship ammo to me directly?

Yes, in most cases. With the exception of some states, there are few if any legal restrictions to shipping ammo. We deliver in boxes that look like just any other product to discourage targeted porch theft. The states we do not ship ammo to are: California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Learn more at: https://lawcenter.giffords.org/gun-laws/state-law/50-state-summaries/ammunition-regulation-state-by-state/

I want to purchase a firearm. How do you ship it to me?

All firearms must be shipped to a federal firearms licensee-FFL (local gun dealer, gun shop, shooting range, etc.) You make arrangements with them to pick it up, usually for a small fee ($25-$50). They perform a background check to make sure you are not a felon and are allowed to purchase a firearm. You choose an FFL during checkout.

How do I opt out of your email blasts?

Simply hit the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of one of our emails.