Our Team

Christopher Swainhart, Executive Producer

Chris SwainhartChris’s first photographic experience was in a darkroom at age three, quietly watching while his father developed and printed photos. Since then the award-winning cinematographer has filmed all over the world, producing hundreds of commercial film projects for companies worldwide. His background is in music with a Master’s from University of Cincinnati CCM.

Deb Ferns, Women’s Shooting Sports Specialist

Deb FernsIn 2004 Deb Ferns co-founded the Babes with Bullets firearms academy program with Kay Miculek. Over fifteen years they were the only traveling firearms academy specializing in teaching novice women, utilizing an all-female training staff or world and national shooting sports champions. Ferns authored a book “Babes with Bullets” detailing the wave of middle age women coming into a variety of shooting sports. In 2009 she founded the Women’s Outdoor Media Association. In 2018 Deb started the Ladies Adventure Camp Experience as a way to mentor novice ladies in the hunting fields. Her LACE program is now part of the NSSF +One Initiative.

In 2013 Deb won a multi-gun national title as a senior in “Heavy Metal Division” and in that same year Babes with Bullets was awarded the Outdoor Channel Golden Moose award in recognition of their firearms educational training videos. They are the only women’s firearms program ever awarded by both Outdoor Channel and the Outdoor Writers Association of America. For 2020 Deb is spearheading GunStuff’s documentary on Women in the Shooting Sports.

Scott A. Kiefner, Cohost

Scott KiefnerScott explains gun safety and features of our products during our product videos. A former Marine infantry machine gunner 3 Battalion 5th Marines, Scott served as a sniper between 1992 to 1996. Scott served on the Special Operations Response Team at United States Penitentiary Terre Haute Indiana from 1996 to 2002. Served in the Federal Air Marshal service From 2002 till 2016. Scott understands what it takes to protect yourself and your family.

Ursula Williams, Cohost

Ursula WilliamsUrsula is a pro shooter sponsored by Staccato. You’ll find her competing nationally with 3 Gun, USPSA, and precision rifle competitions. You’ll also get treated to her effervescent smile and ebullient personality if you tune in Thursdays at 2PM Eastern for our live show, currently on Facebook. Ursula also helps out checking out firearms and you’ll see her product reviews on GunStuff TV. Engage with Ursula on her Facebook page.

Michelle Spencer, Producer

Michelle SpencerMichelle has 15 years of customer service, including 10 with Delta Airlines. Her enthusiasm for firearms stems from exposure to hunting and shooting since childhood. Michelle is the producer of our LIVE show. She helps book the guests, makes sure artwork arrives on time and follows up with all aspects of our show. Besides her interest in the shooting sports Michelle enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, and getting outdoors with her family and pups.

Kassie Jensen, FFL Specialist

Kassie JensenKassie’s background in accounting and work with Fidelity Investments has prepared her well to work with the complex needs of GunStuff TV data. Kassie tries to track down FFL documentation for your order so that your Firearm can ship quickly. Whether it is working with our suppliers, customers, or our marketing partners, Kassie puts the needs of GunStuff customers and subscribers in the forefront to ensure each a good experience working GunStuff TV.

Katie Derrick, Customer Support

Katie DerrickYou’ll find Katie on the road coordinating social media at NRA, SHOT, NASGW, USCCA, and other events. Katie mans the GunStuff® Help Desk and answers your customer questions. Katie holds a communications and advertising degree from Brigham Young University.

Matt Rogers, Editor

Matt RogersMatt worked previously as an editor for the American Outdoors TV Show. He is an accomplished Adobe Premiere editor and has made the transition to Final Cut Pro X to fit into GunStuff® TV’s streamlined workflow. You are likely to run into Matt on location when he joins the GunStuff® crew as assistant camera operator.

Matt enjoys his free time with his wife and their five children. Matt comes from a long line of expert marksmen and avid hunters.

Maggie Reese, Guest Cohost

Maggie ReeseYou’ve seen Maggie Reese on the show many times before. Now in 2023 she has joined GunStuff as occasional cohost on GunStuff.live. To stay up to date with Maggie, check out her Instagram page.

• 5x National Champion
• Pro Shooter
• Dog Mom
• Lover of Beer