204: Sara Forgues, Matador Arms, and Viridian Weapon Technologies

2023-07-13  /  GunStuff LIVE

Sara Forgues, a Minnesota mother, explains her son Walker's situation and the ridiculous charges made against him. Rob Doar, a member of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, joins her.

David Borges from Matador Arms talks about their 9mm upper. It is self-contained, has a non-reciprocating charging handle, and is reversible for left-handed use.

Chris Spangler with Viridian Weapon Technologies discusses their RFX45 green dot sight. Its electronics are on top, which allows for easy battery access and also lowers the window.

Featured Firearm: Ruger Mark IV Hunter

Guests : Matador Arms, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, Sara Forgues, Viridian Weapon Technologies

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54: SAR9 X Platinum

2020-07-16  /  GunStuff LIVE

Mike Evernham, representing SAR USA, talks with us about the SAR9 X Platinum kit. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Featured Firearm: SDS 1911 Duty

Guests: Mike Evernham, SAR USA

68: Remora Holsters

2020-10-29  /  GunStuff LIVE

Alan Bogdan, Owner of Remora Holsters, discusses their line of holsters. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Guest: Remora Holsters

161: Holosun and Predator Armor

2022-11-15  /  GunStuff LIVE

Josh Erikson, from Holosun, talks with us about their line of Optics and Lights.

Later, Kurt Christensen with Predator Armor talks about their options for Body Armor and Armor Plates.

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Featured Firearm: SIG P322

Guests: Holosun, Predator Armor

188: Outerwild and HERO

2023-03-30  /  GunStuff LIVE

Leanne Lally and Chris Davis of Outerwild discuss several of their rifles, like the TIMBRWLF made with Nickel Boron to help with corrosion.

David Clemons and Dan Danowski, co-founders of HERO, talk about their non-lethal self-defense products: the HERO 2020 and the AIIRO.

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Featured Firearm: Glock G23 Gen3 vs Gen5

Guests: HERO, Outerwild

69: Glenn Bellamy

2020-11-05  /  GunStuff LIVE

Glenn Bellamy, Attorney, talks with us about the election and gun laws. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Guest: Glenn Bellamy

Special Edition: Thomas Massie on The Founders’ Intent – 2nd Amendment

2019-10-17  /  GunStuff LIVE

GunStuff host Christopher Swainhart meets up with Congressman Thomas Massie for a refresher course on the US Constitution. Filmed in Washington D.C. on October 17, 2019.

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Guest: Thomas Massie

40: Faxon – New Gun Owners

2020-03-26  /  GunStuff LIVE

Curt Staubach with Faxon Firearms joins hosts Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner to talk about the increase in new gun owners and the options Faxon has for them.

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Guest: Faxon Firearms

174: Magwell Mounts and Zero Blind Spot

2023-02-07  /  GunStuff LIVE

Joe Eckstein and Cade Knueven from Magwell Mounts talk about their brass catcher for the AR - the Brass Goat. The Brass Goat comes with a hopper that holds up to 30 rounds, or it can be used without the hopper to deflect brass. No mounting required - it fits around the magazine securely and keeps the top rail free for attachments.

Dennis DeBobes of Zero Blind Spot discusses their OBS-1, a mounted light with 4 light sources. It fits around the barrel which eliminated barrel shadow on the target. The OBS-1 is easy to mount, secure and balanced, and will not snag. It runs for up to 8 hours and fully charges in the same time with a USB-C.

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Featured Firearm: Ruger SR1911

Guests: Magwell Mounts, Zero Blind Spot

178: BONE-DRI and Reap Weaponries

2023-02-23  /  GunStuff LIVE

Elliot Harris, Founder of BONE-DRI, talks about their line of rust prevention and moisture removal cases and bags. They have many different sizes - from cell phones to rifles, and even a tool bag. Their new Dual Rifle Bag can carry 2 rifles, 2 handguns, and up to 25 magazines.

Colton Popp, Founder of Reap Weaponries, discusses their Scy Kit. The Scy Kit converts the AR-15 platform into a Bullpup. The parts are machined with precision accuracy and made in the US.

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Featured Firearm: SAR9 Compact

Guests: BONE-DRI, Reap Weaponries

76: Vulcan Ballistic Products – Speed Loaders

2021-02-04  /  GunStuff LIVE

Thomas Head, COO of Vulcan Ballistic Products, talks about their line of speed loaders for revolvers and pistols. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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Guests: QuickLoad Speedloader Systems, Vulcan Ballistic Products