Lyman 2800382 Mag 25 Furnace 1 Universal 850 Watt

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The Mag 25 offers an array of features not found on any other furnace. It has 850 watts of power and the furnace quickly heats up even with the increased capacity. The digital display on the front panel shows both the actual lead temperature as well as the desired temperature setting. Precise furnace operation is enhanced by the simple key pad controls. This furnace features a built-in storage compartment warming shelf for pre-heating mold blocks and a reliable bottom pour valve system.

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Brand Lyman
Category Other Reloading Accessories
Series Digital Melting Furnace
Model Mag 25
Caliber Multi-Caliber
Function Melt Lead
Size 850 Watt
Finish Gray
Compatible With All Cases
Weight Capacity 25 lbs

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Weight 15.8 lbs




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