GunStuff makes it easy to buy firearms online. For public safety Federal law dictates that you must pick up your firearm from a local gun shop, i.e. Federal Firearm Licensee [FFL]. Firearm transfers are part of the business and they'll be happy to help. You'll be surprised just how many gun dealers are close to you. Here is what we need:
  1. Enter your zip code in the form below to find a local gun shop.
  2. Call the phone number listed and get their permission for GunStuff to ship the firearm to them.
  3. REQUIRED: Ask your local dealer to email a copy of their actual FFL document and your name.
  4. Tell us which FFL you selected by filling out this brief form. We will follow up for you.
For a small fee your local dealer will hold your firearm for you and call you when it is ready for pickup. You will need to pass a quick background check where you pick up your gun when it arrives. You do not need a concealed carry permit to bring your weapon home. Your local FFL will have a good understanding of gun laws in your locale.

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