Wheeler 309888 Trigger Pull Scale Trigger Pull Scale


The Trigger Pull Scale accurately measures trigger pull weight from 8 ounces to 8 pounds. It features an ergonomically shaped handle for consistent direction of pull. Highly visible increment markings and an easy-to-read sliding indicator that stays on the maximum weight registered, make it easy to use. It measures in 2 oz. increments and is accurate to +/- 2 oz, with a range of 8 oz to 8 lbs (2 oz increments). The Trigger Pull Scale is an excellent tool for use when adjusting triggers to ensure accuracy and maintain safe performance.

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Type Tool
Material Metal
Dimensions 4.5″ x 14.75″ x 1.25″
Weight Capacity 8 ozs – 8 lbs
Gun Type Pistol
No. of Pieces 1



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