Real Avid/Revo AVBB40 Bore Boss 40 Cal Bore Guide


Real Avid’s Bore Boss is a self-storing, easy-feeding, clean-pulling, field-ready, hassle-free, pure-genius bore cleaner. The bore cleaner is a single pass cleaning solution for 40 cal rifles. It has a 32 inch dual-action cable that first loosens carbon and fouling with the phosphor bronze bore brush then removes it from the bore with the 8 1/2 inch braided bore mop. The flex-case handle has ergonomic grip to help you comfortably pull the tight fitting, dual-action cable through the bore. The unique flex-case handle also stores and protects the brush and mop from damage and debris and keeps oil and solvent from getting on your other gear.

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Type Bore Guide
Size .40/.41/10mm
Quantity 1
Bristle Type Bronze
Length 8.5″
Material Polycarbonate
Suitable For Firearms


Real Avid

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