Lyman 7777810 E-Zee Prime Hand Priming Tool 1 Universal 2 lbs

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The E-Zee Prime works with any popular brand of standard shell holder and allows instant changeover between primer sizes. It includes two primer trays each of which incorporate their own built-in large or small primer punch assembly. There are no small parts to fuss with or lose. Each tray has a built-in shut-off gate to keep primers in place during change-over. The reloader simply removes the snap-in-place lock collar and installs the correct size primer tray and the shell holder as needed. Then the lock collar is snapped in place and the change-over is complete. The primer trays also function as a primer flipper to properly orient primers for seating. The comfortable ergonomic design optimizes leverage to reduce hand fatigue.

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Brand Lyman
Category Other Reloading Accessories
Series Hand Priming Tool
Model E-Zee Prime
Function Priming Tool
Size 2 lbs
Includes Large & Small Primer Trays
Weight 2 lbs

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