Lee 90453 Quick Change Drum Set 2 Sm & 2 Lg


Lee’s Quick Change Drum Set features four precision molded nylon drums with their own metering chamber. These nylon drums replace the brass drum and are handy if you have a load you use frequently and don’t want to change settings on the brass drum every time you change loads. The set includes two small drums for charging 25 ACP to 223 Remington, and two large drums for charging 223 Remington to large belted magnums. The large drums include an adapter insert to convert them to reduced capacity chambers for small charges like the small drums. Their metering chambers can also be adjusted in measured increments. All drums are infinitely adjustable within range. No tools are required for adjustment. A graduated adjustment key is included with each drum. Each turn of the adjusting screw is .1cc or about 1 grain of powder. Each key is marked with .01cc graduations allowing easy 1/10 grain powder adjustments. Quickly set your charge, and mark it and the powder type on the flat of the drum set for easy reference for future reloading. Lee’s Quick Change Drum Set can be used in conjunction with the Classic Powder Measure and the Auto Drum Powder Measure.

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Type Reloading Drum Set
Caliber 25 ACP/223 Remington
Size Small (2)/Large (2)
Quantity 1 Set
Weight .35 lb
Function Measure Powder
Compatible With Classic/Auto Drum Powder Measure
Material Nylon
Includes 4 Drums
Finish Black
Media Type Powder



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