KESTREL(NIELSEN-KELLERMAN 0825NV 2500NV Weather Meter OD Green CR2032 Lithium


Kestrel Weather Meters are designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.. They are innovatively designed for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes. Rugged and durable, Kestrels’ are drop tested, waterproof and designed to float if dropped in water. The Kestrel 2500NV is a simple and accurate wind speed, temperature, and pressure meter. Its dim red black-light won’t reduce night vision when used in the dark plus data hold feature and clock. The meter also calculates altitude, barometric pressure, pressure trends, wind chill, wind speed and more. In addition to predicting weather activity, barometric pressure also influences a bullet’s trajectory, which is why the Kestrel 2500NV is used by shooters and hunters when accuracy is important. This meter is Bluetooth compatible with iOS/Android up to 100 ft and includes a protective case and lanyard.

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Function Measures Weather
Range 100 ft
Battery CR2032 Lithium
Screen Type LCD Display
Proofs Waterproof, Shock Resistant
Backlight Yes
Color OD Green
Compatible With Windows/MAC

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