Hornady 30396 FTX Rifle 30 Caliber .308 160 GR 100 Box


Hornady’s FTX Rifle bullets revolutionized lever gun ballistics creating a level of performance for these popular firearms.The patented Flex Tip combined with its secant ogive design creates an aerodynamic bullet with a thinner tapered front section and extended bearing surface for much higher ballistic coefficients. The high antimony lead core is locked to the jacket with an InterLock ring resulting in reliable performance and deep penetration on large or heavy-bodied game animals.

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Brand Hornady
Category Reloading Bullets
Series Hunting
Model FTX
Caliber 30 Cal
Rounds Per Box 100
Bullet Tip Material Polymer
Application Medium-Large Game
Coefficient .395
Core Material Lead
Sectional Density .241
Weight 160 gr
Boxes Per Case 15
Bullet Diameter .308
Bullet Type Flex Tip eXpanding (FTX)
Cannelure Yes
Jacket Material Copper

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