Federal 45ACP AE45LF1 Lead Free Range and Target


Range time has never been this clean. For years, American Eagle® Indoor Range Training (IRT) ammunition has helped shooters minimize lead at the firing line. Now we’ve made it even cleaner with the addition of the Federal® Catalyst™ lead-free primer. Unlike DDNP-based lead-free primers, the exclusive Catalyst formulation is non-hygroscopic, offering the same reliability, shelf life and ballistics of conventional lead styphnate primers. Matched with all-new lead-free bullets that produce similar splash-back as conventional jacketed lead on reactive targets, the loads provide unprecedented safety and training realism.

  • Proven, clean-shooting Catalyst primer
  • Identical ballistics as conventional lead styphnate primers with the same reliability and shelf life
  • Lead-free projectiles engineered to be as safe—or safer—than conventional jacketed lead bullets when fired against hard targets
  • More reasonably priced than other lead-free options

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Brand Federal
Category Centerfire Handgun Rounds
Caliber 45 ACP
Model Range and Target
Bullet Weight 140 gr
Rounds Per Box 50
Casing Material Brass
Application Match Range Target
Boxes Per Case 10
Search Code FPST
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