Expandable Autolock Batons

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Expandable Autolock Batons Finish: Black Chrome Grip: Super Grip Length: 21 Tip: Safety

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AutoLock 21 Safety blk ch The AutoLock was developed through cutting-edge engineering that combined the advantages of friction lock and positivelock technology. The technologically advanced, patented AutoLock baton is ready at hand when you need it and out of the way when you dont. Its easy to expand, and when its time to close, simply push the button in the end cap. No need to look for a hard surface to collapse the baton. Strength You Can Count On:The high-tech and patented cam ball bearing and locking mechanism, once locked, ensures that the baton will stay open while performing striking and jabbing techniques. The AutoLocks patented locking mechanism ensures the baton will stay locked open while striking, blocking or jabbing Closes with a push of a buttonno need to strike the baton on the ground Open passively or in a high-profile manner Rotating shafts help maintain control of the batons during a struggle Choose from a variety of tips and grips Lifetime repair or replacement guarantee Made in the USA


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