Code Blue OA1026 Whitetail Deer Doe In Estrus 2 oz


When you’re looking to draw in rutting bucks with the irresistible scent of a doe in heat that won’t quit, Code Blues Pure Estrous Urine Gel is the ticket. Featuring a viscous honey-like consistency, this long-lasting gel formula goes on thick and stays on, providing effective coverage on tree branches, drag rags and anywhere else you want trophy bucks to catch a whiff. As always, Code Blue’s proprietary From One Deer to One Bottle process promises that this product contains estrous urine collected from one deer, for maximum true-to-life effectiveness. Its Amber glass bottle locks in freshness and potency.

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Type Attractor
Species Deer
Volume 2 oz
Quantity 1
Scent Type Attractant/Cover Scent
Dispenser Type Gel
Scented Doe In Estrous
Material Gel
Made From Doe Estrous Urine


Code Blue

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