Caldwell 110038 Universal Brass Catcher Mesh Black 100 Rounds


The Caldwell Universal Brass Catcher S.A. is the perfect tool for any reloader or conscious shooter. This expended brass catcher conveniently fits onto bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles to allow you to focus on shooting, rather than worrying about where your brass is landing. When the bag is full (100 rounds of .223) simply use the zipper on the bottom of the bag to empty the casings into a container.Features a swing-open design that allows for convenient chamber access with a universal double hook & loop attachment for use on bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles. The internal cage design maintains bag shape of the heat-resistant mesh bag.

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Type Brass Retriever
Model or Style Heat-Resistant Mesh
Color Black
Size Swing Open
Material Heat-Resistant Mesh
Function Hold Items



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