Bog-Pod 735560 Dead Silent Shooting Stick Matte Black 39″ Aluminum


The Bog Pod Dead Silent Shooting Sticks bring the same trusted stability and durability to a collapsible shooting stick platform. DSS Shooting Sticks improve shooter accuracy. They are constructed of durable 9/16″ diameter aluminum tubing with an all-terrain foot system featuring retractable rubber feet over a spike for added traction on hard surfaces. The Leg Section Retention clips are movable and adjustable to allow the shooter to fold and clip a leg section to the Shooting Stick, adjusting the platform to a lower height and keeps the folded leg sections secure and out of the way during transport. An elastic strap keeps collapsed sticks bound tight and quiet. This Sitting model extends to 39″ usable height when legs are spread.

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Brand Bog-Pod
Category Shooting Sticks
Series Kneeling
Model Dead-Silent
Color Matte Black
Type of Feet Rubber
Dimensions 4.25″ x 21.25″ x 2″
Attachment Type Strap
Cradle Blocks Rubber
Vertical Adjustment 39″
Weight 11 oz
Body Type Shooting Stick
No. of Legs 2

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