Browning 1130048 Flat Wrench Black Steel Multi-Gauge Choke Tubes

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The Choke Tube Flat Wrench is designed for use with Standard Invector choke tubes only. Please note that Standard Invector Invector-Plus and Invector-DS have different choke designs and it is important to select the correct wrench for removing and reinstalling your shotgun’s choke tubes. Many extended tubes are easy to remove with fingers but most gauged choke tubes have wrench slots hidden inside that only accept the correct wrench for that gauge. All gauges except .410.

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Brand Browning
Category Choke Tube Wrenches
Model Flat Wrench
Gauge Multi-Gauge
Material Steel
Firearm Type Shotgun
Constriction Type Standard Invector Invector Plus Invector-DS
Weight 4.80 oz

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