Cass Creek BMWRABB3 Benchmaster WeaponRack Foam Weapon Rack 3pc

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The BenchMaster Adjustable 3-piece Bench Block comes with three interlocking bench blocks that can be used separately or in any combination of the three blocks. The bench blocks have a rubber cradle to prevent nicks and scratches on the barrel and a rubber bottom to prevent slippage. It is ideal for a barrel or buttstock rest or can be used for both. Helps improve accuracy reduce recoil and has two carry loops for easy transport. The high-density foam construction will stand up in bad weather and has low water absorption excellent chemical resistance (gun oil) and is impervious to rot mold and mildew. Made in the USA.

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Brand BenchMaster
Category Shooting Rest
Series WeaponRack
Model Benchmaster
Material High-Density Foam
Type of Feet None
Dimensions 8″ x 7.50″
Cradle Blocks Rubber
Vertical Adjustment 2.5-7.5″

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