Autolock X3 Expandable Baton

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Autolock X3 Expandable Baton Cap Style: Standard Grip: Super Grip Length: 18 Tip: Power Safety

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The Monadnock AutoLock X3 enhances the original positive locking design with notable improvements including: An updated cam and stainless steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action. A more solid feel in the hand when performing or demonstrating techniques. New smooth plastic nose on the baton handle for more efficient holstering and transition from the holster to the hand. New blackened electroless nickel finish that improves corrosion resistance on the inside and outside of the baton. Features: The high-tech and patented cam ball bearing and locking mechanism, once locked, ensures that the baton will stay open while performing striking and jabbing techniques. The AutoLock’s patented locking mechanism ensures the baton will stay locked open while striking, blocking or jabbing Closes with a push of a button—no need to strike the baton on the ground Open passively or in a high-profile manner Rotating shafts help maintain control of the batons during a struggle Choose from a variety of tips and grips Limited Lifetime Guarantee Made in the USA


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