Survive Outdoors Longer 01401727 Scout Survival Kit Waterproof Orange


The SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Scout provides you with everything you need to stay safe stay warm and get found in a survival situation. It includes a heat-reflective 2-person blanket to provide warmth and shelter a one-handed Fire Lite striker and waterproof tinder for multiple campfires a 100dB rescue whistle and signal mirror with retroreflector aiming aid to signal your position to rescuers compass duct-tape and a fishing/sewing kit. A professional-grade RF-welded waterproof bag keeps contents dry in any conditions.

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Brand Survive Ou
Category First Aid
Series Survival Kit
Model Scout
Color Orange
Function Survival
Dimensions 3.80″ x 6″ x 1″
Proofs Waterproof
Weight 5.40 oz

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Survive Outdoors Longer


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