Ben’s 00067600 Clothing & Gear Insect Repellent 6 oz Aerosol

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Ben’s Clothing and Gear insect treatment repels and kills biting insects on contact including ticks and mosquitoes that may carry Lyme disease and the Zika virus. The ultimate protector this rugged insect repellent turns the gear you wear and carry into an extra layer of insect protection. The 0.5% permethrin formula bonds to fabric fibers and lasts up to two weeks through several wash cycles. The continuous spray makes the foaming formula easy to apply. With enough insect repellent to treat two complete outfits or one set of gear you can take off on your adventure knowing you’re prepared.

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Brand Ben’s
Category Repellents
Model Clothing & Gear
Size 6 oz
Repels Ticks & Biting Insects
Active Ingredient Permethrin
Dispenser Type Aerosol

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