Allen 27825 Ruger Cleaning Kit Handgun/Rifle

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The Ruger Rifle/Handgun Cleaning Kit is packed in a molded toolbox and includes cleaning jags for .45 .40 .357/9mm .30 .284/7mm .270 .25 .243 and .22 caliber; bronze bore brushes for .45 .40 .357/9mm .30 .270 .25 .243 and .22 caliber; heavy-duty brass cleaning rod; brass slotted tips for .22 and .30 caliber; brass adapter; 2″ 1.25″ and .875″ cotton cleaning patches; and a muzzle guard.

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Brand Allen
Category Cleaning Kits
Series Cleaning Kit
Model Ruger
Caliber Multi-Caliber
Color Gray / Gold / Black
Case Material Plastic
Gun Type Handgun / Rifle
Pieces 24

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Weight 1.75 lbs




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