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GunStuff Partner Package: Product Intro

We appreciate your help in broadening the interest in shooting sports and expanding our marketplace to those interested in self-defense, shooting safety, and the latest gear. We know you’re excited about what GunStuff has to offer.

Our Product Intro package is not a Product Overview, but is an introduction to your product. If you are looking for a longer, more comprehensive overview, check out our Product Overview package. However this Product Intro also brings with it the marketing muscle of our more advanced packages:

 Exposure to 150 million households
 Amazon Prime
 Roku Channel, Apple TV
 Right Now Television Network
 Shot in 4K for cinema quality production
 Shared to over 150,000 social media fans
 LIVE Streaming as well as produced segments
 Broadcast Length 1-3 minutes
 Location: GunStuff Studios
 Fully produced
 Appears on GunStuff.tv product pages
 30″ TV commercial
 Appears on 30 minute TV Episode intro and credits
 Bumpers and billboards
 Branding on all pages of GunStuff.tv
 1.25 million emails to GunStuff subscribers
 6,000 gun dealer email distribution
 Embeddable and shareable media
 Sale of your products on GunStuff (optional)
 Giveaway contest

By becoming a GunStuff Partner you will be joining Sig Sauer, Ruger FirearmsEd BrownNighthawk Custom FirearmsDesantis GunhideSpringfield ArmoryFranklin Armory,  Alien Gear Holsters,  Stealth Gear USABattle Arms DevelopmentAero Precision, and many other leaders in the shooting sports.

Our mission is to broaden the firearms market by helping new gun owners, hobbyists, and the general public learn best safety practices and learn about shooting gear that will make self-defense, hunting, and target shooting more enjoyable. We try to explain product highlights so that laymen can understand, appreciate, and purchase your product. We shoot in cinema quality and our experienced editors make your Product Intro engaging. We highlight your product’s distinctives to set it apart in the marketplace. Here is a sample Product Intro featuring the Hi-Lux M1000-Pro Scope:

What are you waiting for? Product Intro slots are limited, so become a GunStuff Partner today!

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