169: Trailblazer and Sisk

Ron Dan and Spencer Voigt with Trailblazer Firearms discuss their compact firearms – the Lifecard and the Pivot Rifle. The Lifecard is a folding, single-shot .22 handgun with the profile of a stack of credit cards. The Pivot Rifle is a semi-auto 9mm rifle that can fold down to a more compact and easy to carry size.

Charlie Sisk, owner of Sisk Rifles, talks about two of their products – the Hepr and the MABS. The Hepr is a picatinny rail that slides onto the handguard and allows rotation of attachments, such as grips, lights, and bipods. The MABS is a stocks that adapts to the user. The recoil pad, cheek piece, and rotation of the stock can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

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Featured Firearm: SIG P320MAX