171: Maggie Reese, KORE Essentials and SIONYX

Maggie Reese, a competitive shooter with Ruger, joins as a special guest co-host. She talks about her recent experience at the 2022 IPSC Hangun World Shoot in Thailand

Jerry ‘Map’ Dominguez from KORE Essentials talks about KORE’s line of conceal-carry belts, which are rigid, secure, and easily adjustable

Tom Frane of SIONYX discusses their night vision cameras that are able to display in color

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Featured Firearm: Ruger LCP .380 w/ Viridian Laser

122: Maggie Reese – WSSSC Competition

Maggie Reese, a Pro Shooter with Ruger, and host Ursula Williams talk about their time at the Western States Single Stack Championship in Phoenix, AZ. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner also host.

129: Maggie Reese and The Proving Grounds

Maggie Reese, a Pro Shooter with Ruger, talks about the 1911 from Ruger.

Sarah Williams and Adam Smith then join to discuss the Proving Grounds competition.

Christopher Swainhart, Ursula Willams and Scott Kiefner host.