213: USA Clay Target League, Roth Performance, and Faxon

John Nelson with USA Clay Target League talks about their leagues across US high schools and the enjoyment it brings.

Mark Roth of Roth Performance discusses their ergonomic shotgun products.

Robert Faxon and Dustin Wallace introduce two new Faxon products: the FX7, a bolt-action rifle, and their new line of Faxon Outdoors products.

Featured Firearm: S&W Model 10 Classic

200: DPM Systems Technologies, Faxon Firearms, and The Guardian Run

Dimitrios Mantas from DPM Systems Technologies discusses their 3-spring recoil reduction system.

Dustin Wallace with Faxon Firearms talks about some of their new products, like the FX22 and the Ion Ultralight. He also talks about Faxon’s upcoming outdoor line, Faxon Outdoors.

Jim Wallace of the Guardian Run talks about the competition and some of the charities they work with.

Featured Firearm: Mossberg 590S Shockwave

41: Faxon, OWL, Ruger S-9

Curt Staubach with Faxon Firearms joins host Christopher Swainhart to discuss the increasing interest in firearms. We talk about the Faxon Hellfire Slide for the G19 and their Muzzle Brake Barrel. Scott Kiefner later joins to talk about Cloud Defensive’s OWL light and the Ruger S-9.

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45: Faxon Firearms – Mustang Rifle

Curt Staubach of Faxon Firearms talks about their limited edition Mustang rifle and their integral muzzle brake barrel. Deb Ferns of Babes with Bullets then joins us and discusses their upcoming event. Christopher Swainhart and Scott Kiefner host.

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