Manufacturers CSV Support

The easy way is to work with a distributor

If you are already selling your products through one of these distributors: Zanders, Kroll, or MGE, you are done. This page is for manufacturers for one reason or another want GunStuff to sell their products directly. Please keep in mind our requirements for manufacturers to list their products directly on GunStuff:

  • You must have a product for the shooting sports industry
  • You must be able to drop ship your products to our customers
  • You should confine your product listing to those products you can normally keep in stock
  • You must participate in one of our paid partner programs
  • We must be able to pay you automatically upon shipment via direct deposit or credit card
  • You must give us a list of products by following the CSV instructions on this page
  • CSV import processing fee: $100/hour

Transferring data between systems can difficult and time consuming. We recommend this only for experienced IT professionals. Here are the steps:

Do you have Woocommerce?

If so, use the built-in WooCommerce tool to export a CSV, it already follows the schema and is ready to use. Just make sure you are sending us products you can keep in stock. If you are using Woocommerce, click the button that says “Products” and you will see the built-in exporter. Click the export button, save the CSV file, and email to us.

Non-woo data formats, simple products

Simple products are those that come in one size and flavor, no colors, sizes, or other product variations are allowed. 95% of all of GunStuff products are of this variety. The best way to do this is download this example: GS-simple-dummy-data.csv

Right click on the file and download to your desktop.  Open the file in Excel or other spreadsheet. You can look at it, blank out the columns (keep the header) and put your data there.  Please note that each product must have an image attached to it. This is the URL of the location of your image found on the web. Use as large a size a practical for the best results. We will resize them for our site, but link the the original size for customer to be able to carefully examine your product. You can have more than one image, but in that column the image addresses need separated by commas.

Save your file in CSV format, comma delimited, using quotes for strings. Your file you send us has to be exactly like structure in this file. Then email your file to us.

Non-woo data formats, variable products

These are products like shirts that come in different colors and sizes. If you have an experienced IT professional helping you, it should be no problem for them to follow the example in GS-variable-dummy-data.csv.

If you have questions contact us.